High Chrome Sleeve  Liner

Hy-chrome sleeve liners are made with a high chrome iron sleeve in a forged steel hull. The bore hardness is 60 to 67 Rockwell C scales while the hull has high tensile strength. The liners can withstand mud pressure of up to 7000psi. The hardened steel liner service life surpasses 800 h…

Features and Benefits

  • Rated for all drilling operations up to 7500 PSI
  • Bore hardness of 60 – 67 Rockwell
  • High pressure design to prevent sleeve slippage
  • Zirconia Ceramic Liners
  • Zirconia reduced liner and piston wear
  • Zirconia increased impact characteristics
  • Zirconia lower thermal load on the liner wash system
  • Zirconia higher thermal ratings
  • Zirconia surface finish of 4 – 8 RM
  • Our stock Liner
  • FB1300, F1000, F800, 14-P-220, 12-P-160, 9-P-100, 8-P-80,
  • PZ8/9, PZ-10/11, T-1000, T-1300, MM550.  PAH, TEE. JWS-165,  A-1100,
  • A-1400, FXKFXN, BD550, D300